Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lovecraft and Seafood

I'm reading Lovecraft and putting together a portfolio.

What does it mean? Does it signify the unthinkable and intangible hiding behind the veneer of the world we perceive? Or does it mean that I don't think through what words to put in word-bubbles? We'll never know.
Oh! And I live in Los Angeles now, so I got that going for me too.

More later.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Just A Biiiitt Fuuuuurther....

Ok, so still to do on this one would be, well, making the text not suck, but that might be a tomorrow assignment (realistically it won't be, I gots stuff to do). Anyway, the image is there, and Inkscape, MyPaint and Scribus have yielded up several of their delicious secrets in my progress this far....

Dude, Soviet poster artists had it great right?  'Cept for the Gulags.

Also, there must be a way to make these large enough to print someday but also small enough to view on the web.... Probably resizable, I'll have to check that one..


Made the text slightly more cyrilified, still not really working. Might be worth further typography research. Eh, later.

I feel like this reads as the 'Do The Right Thing' text...
Updated Again

As soon as I get this all the way right I'm going to do another post for it, one with actual writing. Till then I'm just adding on...

More stuff soon...