Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Once More, With The Hammer Of Thor

I saw Cabin In the Woods this weekend, and wowzers. Sooo coool. It actually got me pretty jazzed for The Avengers as a side-effect of its excellence, so there's that. I did a doodle of Joss Whedon doing an Avengers musical, just because.

Did you know he directed an episode of Glee?

Yeah, where did that come from?

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Alright, so one of the cooler things about twitter is that you get to watch celebrities interact with each other -and with the normals too- in a way mandated by the new social contract of insight into famous people's lives, or at least the lives of interns at their respective handlers' firms, which is fun. I haven't tried asking George Clooney for braising advice yet, but I think you need to work up to that one.

So I saw that a cool and forward young woman sent Patton Oswalt some fan art, and this being the internet and all, I decided to steal copy the idea.

Anyway, here's mine: Patton Oswalt kind of as Hugh Hefner circa 1965. Sort of unintentional on the doing-it-face. Oh well.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Calibos Eins

So... developments, uh... lets see....

Oh, didn't get that Mondo poster, which was a bummer, but this /Film piece does heal the pain of the loss a bit, no fooling.

Other than that, Frank's (the greatest diner that Burbank -or the world, for that matter- had to offer) is now closed, so I and countless collectors of social security checks are forced to find a new place that even comes close, which will be hard.

Other than that... Yeah, nothing. I gotta do more, uh, things I guess. Yeah -things- that's the ticket.

I've decided to try to do a picture of my childhood Harryhousen idol: Calibos. The idea came to me whilst  enviously dicking around Sam Bosma's amazing blog, and so the doodle I did looks much less like Calibos, or even something I would normally draw, and more like somebody badly imitating Sam Bosma.

So, lesson learned there I guess.