Friday, March 4, 2011

The Risks Of Train Doodling

No train sketch today. While scanning the crowd at the State/Lake red line platform I was approached by a fairly respectable looking older gentleman, who I suppose had been watching me look around, and who planted himself about two feet from me before we had this exchange:

Crazy Asshole: Do you know me?

Myself: I don't think so, have we met?

CA: Do you know me?

Me: What?

CA: Do you know me!

Me: No! Jesus, calm down!

CA: Then don't fucking look at me. We understand each other?

All this as a multi-ton train rushes up to meet us. I can honestly say I have never been more concerned that someone was going to shove me onto the tracks. Needless to say, fear of stabbing threw me off my game a bit. So nothing today, but there is this interesting tidbit, courtesy of reddit:

Targeting the DMC-FX77 at girls, the latest Lumix has smart software that can airbrush pictures in-camera to remove wrinkles, whiten teeth and even apply make-up like blush and lipstick. Take a picture of your girlfriend and there’s no need to load up Photoshop later: you can turn her into a super model just with a couple of toggles.

The idea that our digital avatars will soon be more attractive than us in real time is, in some small way, reassuring. Like falling asleep in a snowstorm.

Anyway,read the full piece here, and more tomorrow.


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