Thursday, June 30, 2011

An End Of The Month Drawing As The Month Draws To An End..

Alright, a few thoughts on the state of contemporary train doodleadge and possible ramifications of the move to the big city--pertaining to sketching. Mostly this: I am now not on the train for 45 insufferable minutes at a time. The trip from Evanston to downtown can be nice, especially on an express, and it's great for people watching, but it's just too much, and I would not have it back for anything. Still, even if it does take a longer time, I have gotten some transit people down, as evidenced by this one, which I actually like.

She noticed me drawing this, by the way. It was weird.


Peter said...

Excellent. You are really gifted, Sam.

Unidentified said...

How can I draw like this ?

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