Sunday, April 1, 2012

Calibos Eins

So... developments, uh... lets see....

Oh, didn't get that Mondo poster, which was a bummer, but this /Film piece does heal the pain of the loss a bit, no fooling.

Other than that, Frank's (the greatest diner that Burbank -or the world, for that matter- had to offer) is now closed, so I and countless collectors of social security checks are forced to find a new place that even comes close, which will be hard.

Other than that... Yeah, nothing. I gotta do more, uh, things I guess. Yeah -things- that's the ticket.

I've decided to try to do a picture of my childhood Harryhousen idol: Calibos. The idea came to me whilst  enviously dicking around Sam Bosma's amazing blog, and so the doodle I did looks much less like Calibos, or even something I would normally draw, and more like somebody badly imitating Sam Bosma.

So, lesson learned there I guess.


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