Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Lion CEO

So this isn't a 'project' per say, in the same way as sexting isn't really essay writing, more a brief and ill considered... uh... brief? Anyway, through a series of circumstances I found myself needing to doodle a picture of Ross Levinsohn, the current interim head of Yahoo, as a lion. Here are the results.

So, original drawing and lettering, scanned in, slightly cleaned up and turned purple

Experimenting now with maybe having more color in there...

Fuck it. Why not have some color?

Color brah. Color.

Although I fully intended to run this through Inkscape and then simplify the line-work to cut down on that sketch pencil feel, the end result of that was that the line thickness just went insane every time I tried to trace the bitmap. In the end I do kind of like the sketchy look, and time/effort constraints make it not worth it to spend five days figuring out Inkscape all over, so I can live with this.


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