Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Greatest Movie Never Made

Ok, no new sketches today. I did start working on my Doctor Doom mask though, so posting a finished version of that before Halloween, or changing my costume to "Guy Dressed as Half-Assed Doctor Doom or Possibly White MF Doom".

But this... I, I need to share this, the world must know. It's... it's beautiful.

A script treatment for a sequel to John Carpenter's The Thing, featuring -among other things- MacReady teaming up with a seven foot tall alien bounty hunter named Gotha. They fight crime together. I am not joking.

"Near the dome, two figures stagger their way toward the front gate. Mac and Gotha, a seemingly drunken pair, approach the guardhouse to give themselves in. With the guards in a state of comfort with their appearance, Mac and Gotha let lose on the guards and take them out quickly."

Read it here. Read it, the world must know.


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