Monday, October 25, 2010

Keith Richards Sketch

Wow, really terrible interview on NPR: Terry Gross and Keith Richards.

I'd watch that buddy cop movie.

As long as Terry Gross is the one who's a loose cannon and out on the edge.

UPDATE: Hmmm... it seems that my Keith sketch is too detailed for thumbnail mode. It's all fuzzy. Oh well..
I suggest you click through and enlarge it, gives a much better picture.


Anonymous said...

f***ing beautiful man.

Anonymous said...

Excellent. Really nice work!

Anonymous said...

Terry Gross cannot interview anyone who doesn't live in their heads, isn't sufficiently "cerebral". She is a complete prude and has an "afraid to touch it" approach typical of NPR airings. Their brand of intellectualism does not adhere to the belief that the "mind" resides in the body.

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