Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Clever Title. And Post-Its

Well, it's another post for which I have nothing. I have nothing to put here. There is not any content which occurs to mind which would comfortably occupy this space. Well, as I've managed three sentences out of the complete absence of thought, and one commenting on those three, it seems I've finally become a real blogger.

This week I've been trying to think of projects (none have occurred to me), and I'm feeling terrifically unimaginative. So I'm just gonna post some celebrities I've doodled on post-its.

One of these is Anne Hathaway and one is Cee Lo Green. See if you can guess correctly!

Oh, and apply to this, Mcsweeny's needs some crowd-sourced (read cheaper than freelance) writing done, and they aren't checking felony records as an entry prerequisite. So get to it.


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