Sunday, September 26, 2010

Google Birthday/Immortality Cake

Wayne Thiebaud wishes Google a happy birthday today! They're 12 and one of the largest online forces in the world! He's 89! And alive!

Being alive at that age should be celebrated even if you're not one of the greatest of the Bay Area artists. That is a ridiculous number for a painter to live to. Galapagos Tortoises maybe, but they don't work around turpentine, now do they?

Google should be running a special 'Holy Shit Wayne Thiebaud isn't Dead' graphic, starting now and running until Thiebaud dies at the ripe old age of a bazillion.

Ok, I should just admit that all I want to do is look at Thiebaud's paintings.

In other news: the painter Jack Levine is 95 and still kicking.

More on that tomorrow, he's a cool guy and not enough people know him. Should write that shit up straightaway, but verytired.


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