Monday, September 27, 2010

GIMP Trouble

Ok, spent all day wrestling with GIMP (the linux-based photoshop equivalent, not the guy locked in my basement) before acknowledging that the problem is that my computer is so old it runs my graphics front end through an abacus. So, no scans of Jack Levine stuff, that comes tomorrow.

This is amazing though: the University of Nottingham has set up a really cool site called Sixty Symbols to help stoopid people to understand physics, which is like the thinking man's chemistry.
The videos aren't really lessons, they're more super-casual introductions the physical concepts through the pertinent notations.

Also, after you watch them you want people to think you're smart so you say things like 'pertinent' and 'notations'.

Here's the link to their site and one of the videos, which investigates the witchcraft powered Jabulani ball.


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